"Tamba" , an old name, is situated in the Central East Region of Hyogo Pref., Japan, at the Eastern End of Chugoku Mts.

Since ancient times, it has been famous for its superb agricultural products. About 100km by auto or JR from Kyoto,

Osaka and Kobe, Tamba is a refreshing vacation spot.


Natural Food Club of Tamba

Blessed by a deep-morning mist and climate with high temp.

diffrences, Tamba is ideal for growing foods such as Black

Soybeans, Adzuki and Sesames plus other healthful products.


Unlike the expensive distribution networks, Natural Food Club

of Tamba delivers its fresh tasting products at cost

(local price + necessary expenses + home delivery fee.)


No-sign-up procedures or a Membership Fees.

You just make your selection from our Price List for direct

home delivery anywhere in Japan: farm to you guaranteed

genuine natural.






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