Basic Thought


When you have a really delicious food – it is the joy of living. It is the proof that “a life” called you is gladly accepting “the life” of that food. Meal is a solemn fact that you get fresh life that becomes your blood and flesh. Your body depends on the foods you eat. We are supported by this chain of lives. It also applies to my farm companions. They make a single wheel in the ecosystem.


A friend of mine, an old eco-farmer, told me that he considered his farm as a “home” for the creatures in this small world. I appreciated his words and learned the significant role of the microbe below ground which is supplying the nourishment to crops and plants.


When an animal dies, for example, its body begins to corrupt and countless microbes disintegrate the organic matter into an inorganic. Similarly, dry grasses, leaves, organic manure and so on are all broken down to become rich nourishment of the crops and plants.


Except my seeding and harvesting, the most necessary things are always done by nature itself. I wish to be a little help of linking their lives to my city people. A person in charge of a shipment of such Produce – that is my work.


                                       Tadao Utuse




Your body depends on the foods you eat.


Your immunity relies on the foods you take in.